Worlds We Just Need More Of

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Fantasy fans are nothing if not obsessed with worldbuilding. No one makes it through thousands of pages of text without becoming invested in the fictional realms they’ve spent so long enjoying. Sometimes, you get to the end and breathe a sigh of relief, satisfied that the world’s tales have been told to your satisfaction.

I’d say that’s the exception.

Most commonly, you get to the end and emit a quiet, distressed whine. Is that all there is? What about the situation in LandOverThere, and what about SideCharacterEveryoneLiked? I need to know. The war between EvilEmpire and the KingdomOfProtagonists may be over, but how long will the new peace last? And while we’re at it, can we get a whole series just about BarelyMentionedDistantLand?

Someone hands you a magic lamp. You rub it and out pops what appears at first to be your standard issue wish-granting genie. But he instead informs you that you only get ONE wish, and that all he can do is get books added to fantasy series. They will be fully canonical, accepted by the general public, and either written by the original author or someone well qualified to step in and continue the work. You get neither profit nor recognition from this endeavor, just the satisfaction of getting to enjoy the end product.

How are you spending your wish?

Some ideas (but feel free to add your own!):

  • Middle Earth – Startlingly small by modern epic standards.
  • Mistborn – Such a fascinating form of magic they had. How many more stories were possible?
  • Narnia – Maybe something with a different group of kids, exploring the wider world.
  • Oz – So many societies hinted at. Maybe a prequel series to delve into the rise of Oz.
  • Westeros – Or specifically anywhere but Westeros. While the series is still open, maybe we can get a glimpse into those other continents
  • Get on a certain author’s case about Twinborn (I know you people, this answer was coming whether I suggested it or not!)

What’s your wish? The more out there, the better! You want a Cat in the Hat Extended Universe? Fifth Element novelizations?

The genie is waiting. Make your wish!

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