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Welcome to my first formal author update where I’ll talk about what I’m working on, plus any general news (if relevant). This new topic will replace “Musings & Brain teasers“, since most of you didn’t seem too interested in them. If you DID like my “musings” questions, you can find a new one each month on my Facebook page. I’ll also remind you to visit the “monthly musing” is in each email.

What I’m currently writing:

Something of a surprise for readers. I’ve hinted about it here and there, but I’m working on a new Black Ocean project. Mirth & Mayhem will continue onward after a small hiatus. The new series…

Black Ocean: Passage of Time

The series features Jessie and Eric Ramsey (the oldest children of Carl and Amy) stranded five years in the future after a magical accident. She’s an Earth Navy special forces operative. He’s a college dropout who shouldn’t be handling magic anymore.

Now, they’re lost on Mars. There’s a civil war with Earth. Jessie can’t tell whether she’s a deserter or an enemy spy. Eric is public enemy #1 for every magical authority. The have no money (they’re officially dead, and Mars is using marbits instead of terras now), no resources, and the longer they stay on Mars, the more likely they get killed or imprisoned.

But they’ve got each other.

And they’re Ramseys.

I just finished the first draft of Mission 1, Tempus Fugitive. It now begins a byzantine process of readers, editing, cover design, and audio recording before making its way to all of you. But it’s next in line.

What I just released:

If you missed it, Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem Mission Pack 2 just came out. It includes missions 5-8, along with the usual bonus short story.

Mission 8.5, Dread Poet Society, is the origin story of Admiral Emily Chisholm. We meet up with her just after finishing her Masters Degree at Princeton.

Emily and her girlfriend have plans for the future. They involve doctorates, teaching, and wringing every last drop of hedonism out of college life. But that all gets threatened when Emily’s grandmother shows up looking for Emily to take over the family business.

Sometimes, duty calls. Other times, it invites you to an endless party with blasters, booze, and other people’s money.


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