Good Omens: A Buddy Comedy For The Apocalypse

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Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett are two of the better known fantasy authors of the late 20th Century. Their works are snarky, irreverent, and often explore deep philosophical meaning under a veneer of satire.

So, when they combined to write Good Omens, there could only have been two outcomes. Either it would be a satirical masterpiece or an utter trainwreck. Luckily for the reading (and more recently, watching) public, it was the former.

Good Omens is a tale of an angel and demon, each his faction’s emissary to Earth and responsible for playing their parts in the end of the world. But when the time comes for the final battle to unfold, they run into a hitch.

Both of them rather fancy humans and Earth. Neither wants to see it end.

The plot, admittedly, is a train wreck. From hospital baby swaps to prophecies written in barely comprehensible English to a demonic car that likes to keep Queen’s Greatest Hits on cassette, the page to page (or scene to scene) action is chaotic.

But really, it’s not about the plot. Spoiler alert: the world doesn’t end. This is more the story of two mortal enemies since the dawn of Earth becoming best friends to save their home for the past several millennium.

While I’ll never not recommend the book version, the TV version featuring Michale Sheen as the angel, Azriphael, and David Tennant as his demonic counter part, Crowley, is a thoroughly enjoyable adaptation.

Best of all, the season got renewed for a second season. With the book material thoroughly spent on the first season, Neil Gaiman is on board to write the second (sadly, Sir Terry Pratchett is no longer with us to contribute).

Amazon produces the Good Omens show, so you’ll have to check out this Amazon Prime exclusive on their video platform. I promise, it’s worth it.

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