Truberbrook: Twin Peaks meets Fringe

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Games | 0 comments

Truberbrook is a point-and-click mystery game set in a quaint little town in the mountains of Germany. And by quaint, I mean batshit crazy. It’s an onion of a puzzle game, and each layer is weirder than the one before.

You play as Dr. Hans Tannhauser (yes, there’s a Tannhauser Gate pun in the achievements), a physicist who’s won a vacation to a remote resort town, except the town is all but deserted and he never entered the lottery he won.

Nothing suspicious here, folks.

Rather than getting some peace and quiet to write a paper you’ve been researching, your notes get stolen, and you end up on a hunt for the thief. Along the way, you get drawn deeper and deeper into a mystery intertwined with the town’s shady history, shell corporations, rival physicists, dimensional travelers, aberrant meteorology, and pool floaties.

Without spoiling anything, it’s a delightfully weird little romp through a collection of oddball NPCs, their bizarre problems, and puzzles with clever solutions (a staple of the point-and-click genre).

The game is fully voice acted, and the performances are respectable. Hans both self-narrates and leaves himself dictaphone notes along the way.

Also, the fast-travel map is a postcard of the town and surrounding areas.

All in all, a fun little sneak through a world of mad science.

If you’re a fan of point-and-clicks, like we are, check out Truberbrook.

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