Who is the galaxy’s most interesting man?

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Hint: it’s not me.

What I’m currently writing:

My current project is getting Mission Pack 1 of Black Ocean: Passage of Time ready to release. I’m in the meaty middle of writing Mission 3 right now (titles are still hard to come by and TBD at the moment). It will introduce a new character (and race) I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, ever since I came up with the concept.

He is the elephant in the room that everyone talks about.

When traveling alone, he is still considered a full crew.

His name is the word for his species in several languages.

Many of his enemies consider him their best friend.

He is… the most interesting man in the galaxy.

And he’s going to be a major character in at least one of the missions coming up in Passage of Time.

General news/thoughts:

As a personal aside, I hadn’t traveled anywhere since before the pandemic. So it was nice for my wife and I to get away for a long weekend. Nothing crazy or remote, just a drive a few hours up the coast, a long weekend staying in hotels, and seeing the sights that are more than a day-trip from our house.

We still didn’t attend any big events or go anyplace crowded.

We missed our cats.

Baby steps.

We’d never been huge travelers before (I’m a notorious homebody), but we used to take at least a couple trips a year. It was nice to start getting back to that particular bit of normalcy.


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