Last Angel has Fallen – Why I scrapped my take on an unanticipated apocalyptic failure

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Armageddon has come, the demons won…but the last humans are looking for a rematch

OK, I talk a lot about stuff I decided not to write because it was too weird, too derivative, or too incomplete. But what about when the subject matter is so polarizing that it will be either utterly awesome or totally cringe, with little room for anything in between? Here’s a scrapheap victim that fits that profile perfectly.

Last Angel Has Fallen (After Armageddon)

The war between Heaven and Hell hath ended, and the demons were victorious. But there’s one faction left to contest the fate of Earth: HUMANS. A ragtag band picks up the holy relics lost by the slain angelic host and takes the fight to the depleted demon horde.

Short, sweet, simple. But here’s the problem. Well, before the first problem, we have the Original Problem, namely that pseudo-biblical tie-in fiction has been done to death. But even after that, there’s a REALLY big problem. What does this war look like?

I can kind of see a book or series like this going one of two ways. It could end up being the basis for a really rad anime, with partying demons getting ambushed by a gritty resistance force of relic-wielding heretics. The demons would think the Earth is their playground, but the last humans alive still want to put in an opinion on the matter.

The other direction would end up looking like a WB teen drama, where interpersonal drama between sad, Left Behind survivors overshadows the action-packed demon-stomping. And, if I’m going to be honest here, I think this scenario where “another battle against demons” just can’t carry the story and the relationship drama is forced to do the heavy lifting might be the more likely outcome.

Best to just leave these to the people who are going to make them anyway. No need for me to toss a halo into the ring.

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